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Welcome to the home of the Lely High School Trojan Band
Where tradition meets excellence

Welcome to our updated Lely Music Website! There have been some new features and pages added, so make sure you check them out! 

Our 2023-2024 calendar page is now up to date with our practices, games, and concerts throughout the second half of the school year and will be updated regularly as new events come up!

Our student page will be updated soon with all of the information you will need to prepare for our 2024 - 2025 school year!

On our Parents page, you will find volunteer opportunities and ways to get involved with the band boosters. Any help is always appreciated! 

2023 - 2024  SCHOOL YEAR
Rise of Troy.png

Our 2023 marching season production is entitled "The Rise of Troy." In Greek history, the story of the Trojan horse is synonymous with the end of the Trojan rule. Our show this year will subvert that story by demonstrating how our Lely Trojans will overcome the deceit driven by the wooden gift.


Our competitive marching show will combine Lely High School's traditions with musical works from both modern and classical composers. Be sure to check out our performances at our football games and marching band competitions!


Check out our 2023-2024 Summer Band Camp schedule here

Our Alma Mater

To Lely’s flowing colors we owe allegiance true,

And we will always cherish our glorious banners hue,

So we’ll hail our radiant colors, and honor we shall not lack,

While Lely stands defender of the Orange and Black!

Our Fight Song

Trojan spirit onward with pride.

Great tradition is on our side.

Orange and black, yeah!

Show no slack, yeah!

With our cheers we hail you Trojans.

Trojan spirit will never die.

Victory is our cry.

Honor and glory we salute you.

Trojans go all the way,

L-E-L-Y Lely Trojans!


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